15 in 1 Security Bundle for Chrome

Pop up Blocker

Block annoying popups, popunders & overlays on sites you visit.

Pop up Blocker
Block Malicious Chrome Extensions

Automatically blocks over one thousand malicious or abusive extensions.

Block Malicious Extensions
Prevent Facebook/Linkedin Hijack

Protect your Facebook account from malwares, detect and block infected and malicious requests.

Protect Facebook Account
Prevent Password stealing

Prevents 3rd-Party Scripts from stealing your saved usernames and passwords.

Secure Password
Protect from Cookie abuse

Confirms that secure cookies cannot be accessed by insecure (e.g. HTTP) origins.

Prevent Cookie abuse
Block Ad Injection

Enables you to block many types of ads including: autoplay video ads, youtube ads, expanding ads, interstitial page ads, overlay ads.

Block Ads
Block Unwanted Web Scrapping

Stop bad bots and scrapers in real time.

Block Bad Bots
Block JavaScript Crypto Mining

Block all CPU-Crypto miners and cryptojacking attempts before they even load in your browser.

Block Crypto Mining
Block Third party Cookies

Prevent third-party cookies from tracking your online activity.

Block Unwanted Cookies
Block email tracking

Detects the invisible tracker hiding inside an email and blocks them.

Block email trackers
Block Browser hijack

Blocks browser hijack to prevent shady websites from automatically launching new tabs and windows you never intended on opening.

Block Browser hijack
Block personal data stealing

Identify and prevent phishing sites from stealing your personal details including bank, user names, passwords and email addresses.

Protect personal data
Block corrupted websites

Easily block any distracting or harmful website.

Block corrupted websites
Block malwares

Checks ransomware, malware and extensions for malicious codes, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and even adware to keep your system running smooth.

Block malwares
Block Notifications

Blocks annoying notification spams from websites.

Block Notifications
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Trusted by 191,753 users

  • Works GREAT to stop those hijack attempts and popups that run scripts to install malicious software, knocks out those attack popups when you click a photo or attempt to download a file... works very well.
  • Loved it, I've been struggling with some annoying popups with some websites, until i stopped being lazy and found this cool extension in a minute. simply works :D
  • Disables all those hidden annoying popups, this is a top extension to have with chrome!
  • The best extension which solved my problems !!! best of best !!!
  • One of the best I've installed so far, ty for this simple but fine extension which does what promises- ^^
  • Only extension that actually blocks everything. awesomeeeeee.
  • Works better than any other pop-up blocker I've tried. Perfect to watch movies, videos, tv shows, etc. without annoying web pages popping up.
  • Works 99% of the time! Almost perfect!
  • This app has blocked the worst popups. at one point, a site kept reopening a popup over and over,so I turned this on, and it completely DESTROYED the popup!Thanks!
  • Its really helpful, on my school computer I can use it to stop annoying add pop ups which usually get past chrome. This one blocks all popups its so useful. For my education sites I can turn it off so very easily.
  • Bloody incredible! All the stupid pop-ups that spam you whenever you click on a page, GONE. All the pop-ups that other pop-up blockers miss, GONE. I LOVE THIS.

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Best Internet Protection. Best Security.

Easy to install and easy to use, no other antivirus comes close.

Block Malware




Best Protection Against Malware (on a scale of 0 to 7 and 7 being the highest protection)

Overall Score. January 2017 - December 2017. AV TEST.

Protect your Privacy



Privacy Badger

Do Not Track Me
Best Internet Privacy Protection (on a scale of 0 to 7 and 7 being the highest secruity)

Overall Score. January 2017 - December 2017. AV TEST.

The Ultimate Security Bundle for Internet Protection

  • Works against all threats – from viruses, worms to ransomware and spyware
  • Effective defenses against malware and new malicious programs
  • Block Cryptocurrency mining scripts in your web browser
  • Sniffs and blocks websites that masquerade to steal financial data
  • Provides instant updates to address newly detected computer viruses
  • Real-time protection technology with a robust engine
  • Provides internet protection whenever browsing, banking, or shopping
  • Full-fledged protection with almost no impact on your device performance.

Multi-Layer Security Protection

Offers you the highest level of multi-layered protection against malware, botnets, spyware, adware, ransomware and advanced threats.

This approach takes the many different aspects of security into account and defends each area of vulnerability.

Advanced Threat Defense

Innovative threat detection engine to detect advanced malware and other new threats in real time.

JustBlock customers benefit from early, reliable detection and automated remediation of discovered threats.

Complete Data Protection

JustBlock Complete Data Protection suite protects your data from from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits, crypto miners, and spyware.

It stop cyber attacks on different levels, so they never reach the core of the system and essential sensitive data.

Secure Browsing

JustBlock Robust protection includes advanced security features such as blocking harmful sites, email tracking prevention, blocking scrapers in real time, protection from Facebook/Linkedin hijack and protection from cookie abuse.

It also blocks ads, overlays, annoying popups, notifications and redirects for a secure browsing experience.

Protect what matters with Internet Security

Malware Protection

JustBlock Security enables automatic detection of known malware and analysis of unknown malware to prevents threats quickly before a system is compromised. Malwares can attempt to gain control, gather sensitive information, or disrupt the normal operations of the system.

Email Protection

Just Block Security offers an all-in-one solution with an advanced email security system providing a critical defense against advanced threats and routine threats. With the email tracking blocker, spammers will never be able to know when you opened your email.

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  • Compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux
Frequently Asked Questions

Are malware threats serious?

Nine out of 10 PCs connected to the Internet are infected with spyware. 88% of Spy Audit scans found some form of unwanted program (Trojan, system monitor, cookie or adware) on consumer computers.*

How fast it is?

JustBlock Security provides real-time protection from phishing and malware websites. The protection engine within the extension works instantly to block threats.

Is it Free?

The whole security bundle is free for now. Later on we plan to introduce a small pricing plan for some premium features.

Protect what's yours with JustBlock Security
JustBlock Security provides you the ultimate protection against Internet threats. It raises the bar on security with real-time protection, intelligent threat-detection, and added security for your browser. The extension is available for free download on the Chrome Store.
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